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Yusupov Palace

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The Yusupov palace on the Moika river is the unique historical ensemble dated by the 18 th - beginning of the 20 th centuries and is called the “encyclopedia” of St. Petersburg aristocratic interiors. From 1830 it belonged to the noble family of the Yusupovs. One of the most mysterious pages of Russian history is connected with this building. That is the murder of Grigory Rasputin at night from 16 th to 17 th December, 1916. Rasputin was a peasant from Siberia. At the beginning of 20 th century he became the spiritual guide and friend of the royal family of the tsar Nickolas II and his spouse Alexandra Feodorovna who believed that Rasputin could cure their son, prince Alexis, who suffered from hemophilia. Nowadays you can visit both the exquisite gala interiors of the Yusupov palace and the documentary permanent exhibition dedicated to Rasputin.

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