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DURATION: 5 hours including transfer


The Grand Palace in Pavlovsk town is among the historical treasures located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and close to the town of Tsarskoye Selo. It already belonged to Emperor Paul I at the times he was an heir to the throne. His mother, Catherine II, presented him the grounds to honor the birth of his first son, future Emperor Alexander I. Paul decided to create a palace in a classical style of Italian villa. Its ensemble including the picturesque landscape Pavlovsk Park and pavilions took shape during the 1778-1800s. Paul and his spouse Maria Feodorovna brought a lot of ancient statues, vases, tapestries and furniture after their trip to Europe in 1781-1782 which became the basis for palace interiors. The main authors were Charles Cameron, Giacomo Quarenghi, Carlo Rossi, Andrew Voronikhin, Pietro Gonzaga. Nowadays the museum is one of the palace complexes protected by the UNESCO.


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  • museum tickets and photo permission

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