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DURATION: 15 hours including train ride and transfer


Novgorod the Great (Veliky Novgorod) is one of the most ancient cities of this country. Novgorod is the place where the Russian state started from the reign of the legendary prince Riurik. It is 196 km driving to the south from St. Petersburg and it is the important city of Russian North-West region. The official year of Novgorod foundation is 859 when it was for the first time mentioned in the chronicle. Whether you wish to see the traditional Russian churches and architecture this is the real must see. You will visit the Novgorod Kremlin which is the medieval fortress on the bank of the Volkhov river. Inside the Kremlin you will see the towers containing museum exhibitions, the majestic Cathedral of St. Sofia (1045-1050), the miniature church of St. Andrew Stratilat (15 th – 17 th centuries). You can visit the museum treasury of Faceted Chamber (“Granovitaya Palata”) where the gold and silver masterpieces are kept. Also you will take photos of the Monument to the 1,000 th Anniversary of Russia. Close to the Kremlin there is the Museum of Fine Arts with the large collection of icons. In the northern part of the city there are the Zverinsky monastery and St. Simeon Church (1467) where the remnants of the 15 th century paintings can be seen. And this is just the short description of all historical sights you will see.

*It usually takes about 3 h to drive or to go by fast train to Novgorod.

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