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DURATION: 5 hours including transfer


Kronstadt is the sea fortress town located on Kotlin island in the Gulf of Finland, close to St. Petersburg. This place is the symbol of Russian Navy and its glory. From Kronstadt started 56 round-the- world expeditions. The town was the area for scientific experiments as well. In Kronstadt there are more than 300 monuments of history, architecture and art, and several museums. One of the town “visit cards” is the stunning Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas which can accommodate 5,000 people. Anchor square with the impressive monument to the admiral Makarov adjoins the cathedral. There are also the Dutch kitchen and Italian palace nowadays used by the naval cadet’s school. Various naval and fortress weapons are represented nearby. It’s almost impossible to describe in a short article all of the numerous sights you can see in Kronstadt, it’s much better to see them on your own.

*During summer season is also available to go from St Petersburg to Kronstadt by hydrofoil. Hydrofoil voyage can be arranged upon your request.

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