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Hermitage Museum

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DURATION: 2 h — 2 h 30 min


The State Hermitage Museum is among the largest historical art galleries of the world. About 3 mln. exhibits belong to it. They are divided into several departments: Archeological, Oriental, Ancient, of West-European arts, History of Russian Culture, and Numismatics. Usually during the first visit the attention is more paid to West-European art such as Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish and French. The main Hermitage collections are represented in the complex of 5 buildings, one of which is the famous Winter Palace constructed by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The Winter Palace used to be the Romanovs state residence and retains the unique imperial interiors.

Gold and Diamond Treasuries* of the Hermitage display the jewelry: archeological finds of ancient gold and diamond masterpieces including the items from the Romanovs Imperial Gallery of Jewelry.

*The visit to the Gold or to the Diamond Treasury usually takes 1-1.5 hours and can be included in your Hermitage tour upon your request.


Cost includes:

  • guide's service
  • museum tickets and photo permission


Transfer can be arranged upon your request.

Transfer is 50 EUR per minivan, 70 EUR per minibus for 10-20 people.

Tour cost

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