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DURATION: 1 h 50 min


Starts every day at 7 pm. Needs to be booked and paid in advance before the performance. The show consists of 2 parts (45 minutes each) and lasts for 1 h 50 min including the break.

The folk show is represented by 3 professional folk groups: vocal “Peters Quartet”, Classical performance of folk songs, lyrical romances and Russian Orthodox hymns. “Maidan” is a Cossack song-and-dance group formed in1992 by the honored artist V. Drachev. The name of the group gets its origin from the place where all Cossacks used to assemble in older times and here decisions were made “by the whole world”. The group skillfully reproduces Cossack songs and dances in heir original clothes. The «Stars of St Petersburg» is a dance group. Dancing repertoire of the folk show covers lyrical dances of the Russian North, fiering dances of the Cossacks from the Don river and Voronezh city, dancing miniatures of the Urals and Siberia with their subtle humor. Spectators of all ages and tastes will be able to appreciate not only the ability of the performers to bring Russian national color and mood to the stage, but also their highest skills, complexity of acrobatic feats and breath-taking leaps. During the intermission guests are offered some light snaks: fruit, canapes with red caviar, ham, Russian style Salami, cheese, vodka, champagne, red wine, mineral water, juice.


Cost includes:

  • folk show
  • light snacks and a glass of a drink during intermission
  • group transfer


During November and December performances there is 50% discount for Folk Show.

Book now and the cost will be 40 € per person including group transfer!

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