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Faberge Museum

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DURATION: 1 h - 1 h 30 min


The basis of the Faberge Museum is Faberge collection acquired by entrepreneur Viktor Vekselberg from the heirs of the American media tycoon Malkolm Forbes. The latter is more known as the publisher of “Forbes” magazine being the son of the organizer of this edition. Vekselberg also arranged the foundation “Connection of times” which expanded the art collection from year to year searching for the lost imperial Russian art masterpieces and finally more than 4000 exhibits formed the museum in the Shuvalov palace from 2013. Among them there are about 200 works of Faberge and 14 large Faberge Easter eggs and one surprise from the lost imperial jewelries. Thanks to the complex restoration the Shuvalov palace acquired the shape it had at the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries. So during the excursion you will enjoy interiors as well as applied arts exhibits and paintings by the outstanding Russian artists.


65 euro for guide service + 15000 RUB per a group from 1 up to 15 people


Cost includes:

  • guide's service
  • museum tickets and photo permission


Transfer can be arranged upon your request.

Transfer is 50 EUR per minivan, 70 EUR per minibus for 10-20 people.

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