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"Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky Walking tour

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DURATION: 1 h 30 min


During the walking tour we visit the addresses of the heroes of “Crime and Punishment” written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. We are going to see the houses in which Raskolnikov, Sonya Marmeladova, the old usurer woman Alyona Ivanovna lived; the place where the official Marmeladov was trampled by horses, and where his wife Katerina Ivanovna walked with her children forcing them to sing street songs. We count 730 fatal steps which made Raskolnikov going to the “case”.

The guide will meet your private party for the excursion in the lobby of your hotel. Then we go to Sennaya Square to start our journey. In the XIX century it was the most criminal part of St. Petersburg. We walk through the former slums, streets, bridges, yards, mentioned in different scenes of the novel, and feel the atmosphere in which the idea of the murder, the most famous in world literature, was conceived by Raskolnikov. The excursion finishes by St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. From there we can walk back to Sadovaya Street and, going along it, you will approach Sennaya Square and metro station where we started.


We will see/visit:

  • Sennaya Square ensemble
  • The area of “Vyazemskaya lavra”
  • The lane which Raskolnikov deliberately visited to feel sickeningly (former Krivokolenny lane)
  • Moskovsky (Zabalkansky) prospect – the road to Moscow
  • Kokushkin Bridge – the most famous bridge in world literature
  • Griboedov Canal (Ekaterininsky Canal) – the most crooked river of St. Petersburg
  • Stoliarny lane and house of Raskolnikov
  • Kaznacheyskaya street and house of Sonya
  • House of the usurer, Alyona Ivanovna


Transfer to the downtown can be arranged upon your request.

Transfer is 50 EUR per minivan, 70 EUR per minibus for 10-20 people.

Tour cost

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